Programme Organisation

Carbon Conversations Programme - Organisation

The Carbon Conversations programme is run by The Surefoot Effect, a Community Interest Company.  The board of Surefoot is comprised of volunteer board members, all of whom have extensive experience of Carbon Conversations.

The Surefoot Effect and Carbon Conversations are run entirely by volunteers, except for an occasional part time worker to process materials orders.  The Surefoot Effect has been set up to support facilitators who work with values based methods.  Facilitators and trainers work with Surefoot on a freelance basis to deliver Carbon Conversations in the workplace, provide training for new volunteer facilitators, and facilitation and training related to Common Cause, personal resilience and other skills useful to organisations involved in climate change or social justice activities.


The Community Interest Company is registered in the UK and the registered address is in Stirling.   Carbon Conversations groups are held all over the UK, and have also been held in Geneva, Lyon, la Drome, and Denmark.  We have had a number of enquiries from Canada, the US, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Holland and Finland.

Carbon Conversations facilitator trainings for volunteer facilitators for community groups happen regularly in Central Scotland, Oxford, and Cambridge.  Recently there has been expansion to Bristol, Manchester, Brighton and London for Volunteer Facilitator training and to London for Commercial Facilitator training. 


There are over 550 Carbon Conversations volunteer facilitators, located primarily in the UK.  There are also a few in various places in Europe:  Switzerland, Spain, France, Holland, and Hungary; and also in places as far flung as Indonesia, Australia, and Canada.

There are 11 Commercial Facilitators for workplace Carbon Conversations and 10 Designated Trainers who run facilitator trainings.

Facilitator trainings are set up where there is demand due to past participants wanting to become facilitators, but also we are now working to “plant” Carbon Conversations in new areas in the UK.  We will call on the pool of Designated Trainers to run Facilitator trainings which are generally held on a weekend.  These trainings generate a small income and so we are able to offer a modest fee to DTs, after expenses.



The group sessions are supported by the handbook, In Time for Tomorrow? (£11.99) and accompanying workbook (£5) and Faciltiator Guide (£10).  There is a set of Games (£80) for Home Energy, Travel and Transport and Food.  

All of the above can be ordered  by trained facilitators from Surefoot using the order form available on the website under Resources.


We provide 2 day volunteer facilitator training for people who have been participants in a 6 session group.   (£200)  For those who are not able to join a 6 session group, we provide an additional pre-facilitator day prior to the two day training. (a total of £300 for the 3 days)

How do I….?

order materials?  Download and fill in the form on the website and send to  Please allow 2 weeks for the materials to reach you.

advertise a group? You can create an entry for the group on the website.  This will generate a tweet and a Facebook entry.  You can also download materials to use as a basis for flyers of your own.

help gather information on Carbon Conversations?  Please complete a Facilitator report after each group and encourage participants to fill in evaluations forms.

become a fully authorised volunteer facilitator?  Participate in the training

proceed with a Commercial opportunity?  Contact

find out about upcoming training for my group participants?  Look on the website and/or contact us at

find out more about becoming a Commercial Facilitator? Contact

become a designated trainer? Designated trainers will have facilitated several Carbon Conversations groups and are people who are facilitators or trainers professionally.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.