Materials Ordering

“In Time For Tomorrow?” is the title of the new Carbon Conversations book by Rosemary Randall and & Andy Brown, founders of Carbon Conversations.  (Please see the order form for the book and other materials below.)  You can order single copies of the book here.

Re-writing the Carbon Conversations handbook and associated materials was an enormous project that has occupied the Surefoot Board most of a year. Most of this work has been carried out by Ro & Andy and we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Debt is a good word because they have undertaken this work for no payment and receive no royalties.

There are two elements to the rewrite. Firstly, the information and stories  in the old  Carbon Conversations Handbook have been updated and augmented, and information about the process of change has been added as well. Secondly, the worksheets and planning sheets have been removed and put in a separate  Workbook so that “In Time For Tomorrow?” can be sold to the public at large via the website here and in book shops (N.B. Surefoot will receive much more income from direct sales so please buy from us rather than bookshops or on-line sources.  The income covers our running costs and ensures the programme can keep running.  All suprpluses gained by Surefoot are put back into the company to support community groups.)

The accompanying Workbook, containing all the individual exercises and planning sheets from the old Handbook is available to participants of the 6 week Carbon Conversations.  Also there is a new Facilitators guide and the games have been updated.  

These can be ordered by Facilitators here in the Resources page once you have logged into the site.

We are very grateful to the Patsy Wood Trust for funding the design and set up costs for the new materials.

“In Time For Tomorrow?” was published on 14 January 2015 at £11.99


Exciting times!