Facilitation and training

Carbon Conversations groups need good facilitation if they are to work well. They are usually delivered in the community by pairs of trained, volunteer co-facilitators who receive ongoing mentoring and support. Groups can also be delivered by professional facilitators, commercially or as part of their job and have been used successfully in workplaces.

The approach is sometimes called ‘psycho-education’, a term that expresses the combination of exploratory, participative learning coupled with psychological understanding of how groups work and people change.

Volunteer facilitators need to be people with good, intuitive ‘people’ skills. It is an advantage if they have prior experience of small group facilitation. They also need to be prepared to master the basic content and point people to reliable sources of information.

Training in the material and methods is provided by The Surefoot Effect and its network of Designated Trainers. On completion of training, facilitators sign an Agreement about the use of the scheme. They are then added to the list of ‘Approved Facilitators’ and can purchase multiple copies of the materials for use with their groups.

The facilitation and groupwork training provided can be used in a number of settings, not just Carbon Conversations, which can be helpful in career and personal development.

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