Six meetings

Carbon Conversations are normally divided into 6 sessions, typically of 2 hours each, spread over a period of 6-16 weeks. 6-8 people meet with 2 facilitators.

The six sessions are as follows:

1. Low-carbon futures

Change is tough. It involves letting go of the past and daring to live differently. In this meeting we imagine the futures we want and talk about the journey we're starting.

"It gives you a template –shows you how to begin."


2. Home energy

Home means comfort and safety. It's a place for family and friends. Homes can carry our memories or express our aspirations. But our homes are also a key source of carbon emissions. In this meeting we learn how to make them live up to all our dreams.

"I love my home... it's painful to think it could be causing damage as well."


3. Travel & transport

Car, bike, bus, plane? We use them to get from A to B and each tells a story about who we are: our status and our desires. In this meeting we explore what travel means to us and how to gear up for a low-carbon future.

"Back home in Senegal, people like to hear that you're driving a flashy car - but I ride my bicycle with pride!

4. Food & water

Most people have strong feelings about food. - what they like, when to eat, who to share it with and why. In this meeting we explore how to make our diets healthy, enjoyable and low-carbon.

"Food is a real bonding thing - it brings families, communities and cultures together."


5. Consumption & wasteCCStuffandWaste1_small.jpg

Clothes, gadgets, home improvements, holidays: they all take energy to make and add to our carbon emissions. But they also express who we are, what we value and how we feel. Can we live contentedly with less? This meeting helps us explore some of the most difficult questions about a Western, high-consumption lifestyle.

"I love to shop - but it doesn't always make me feel happy."


6. Moving on

Our final meeting is a reunion. After a few weeks have passed we meet again to celebrate, reflect on learning, share progress, make plans and organise ongoing support.

"It had a huge effect on was really, really positive."footprints narrow 200 x 317.jpg

A special thanks to Alice Maggs for providing the artwork.