Why train as a facilitator?

The facilitator training provided for Carbon Conversations covers group work and facilitation skills - both very transferrable skills useful outside of Carbon Conversations.  If you haven't been on a Carbon Conversations course, you will need to attend a 3-day training to become an approvedvolunteer  facilitator.

The first day familiarises attendees with what it is like to participate in a Carbon Conversations. The second two days focus on group work/facilitation skills.

If you have been on a Carbon Conversations course, you are eligible to attend a 2-day training, which looks at group work/facilitation skills.

It is necessary that facilitators are trained to run Carbon Conversations, as participants benefit greatly from having the structure and flow that effective facilitation brings. However, the skills taught are transferrable to other aspects of life and are especially useful in the workplace.

Becoming a facilitator can greatly increase your confidence and provides you with the necessary tools to communicate your message effectively at work, at home and in your community.

What does it cost?

As a guide, a three-day course costs £270 and a two-day course costs £180. There may be opportunities to access bursaries or additional funds to subsidise the training costs.