Partners & Supporters

Here is a list of groups that are working with Carbon Conversations and other partner organisations:


Carbon Conversations has been developed almost entirely through voluntary effort: writing, designing, editing, training, evaluating and organising. Some early funding from DEFRA in 2006 got the project off the ground and Cambridge City Council has continued to support the groups run in Cambridge. More recently Polden Puckham and the Network for Social Change helped fund the development of this website and the dissemination of the scheme to organisations in other parts of the UK. The latest support (November 2011) has come from Artists Project Earth and The Patsy Wood trust.

Better funding both for our central organisation and for the groups across the country who deliver Carbon Conversations would make a huge difference to the scheme’s viability. It is notable that the best and most rapid expansion of Carbon Conversations has taken place in Scotland where Transition Edinburgh University, Transition University of St Andrews and several community groups have been able to develop it as a project funded by the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund.

If you are able to support us financially we would love to hear from you (Contact).

And if you are able to offer us help in kind – with evaluation, design, training for example – we would also be delighted to hear from you.


Network for Social Change Polden Puckham


Centre for Alternative Technology Transition Edinburgh University